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Brandon Brown has joined the crew of “The Unemployment Of Danny London” as a co-producer. Brandon Brown, aspiring actor, film maker, producer and entrepreneur. His journey started as child growing up watching his favorite cartoons, movies, and always knowing he wanted to be on TV one day. He studied the Meisner, and Strassberg techniques with acting coach, Anthony Montes for the New York Film Academy while attending Cal State University of Los Angeles still as a Biology major from 2005-2008. In, 2009 acting coach Anthony Montes declared to Brandon that he was officially ready to start auditioning for major roles and he told him his foundation was solid. In, 2010 things started to rise for the actor/film maker when all the film projects he played in from 2007-2010 started to get acknowledged. Being a film maker was the best decision he ever made because all doors from then on started to open.



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