Episode One:" Premiere"

The Unemployment Of Danny London follows Danny, a PR guy who finds himself without a job due to layoffs, who struggles to adapt to his new life and those around him that just don't understand.

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David Chamberlain Jr.
Said this on 9-20-2012 At 10:15 pm

I heard about this show from "The Tech Guy" with Leo Laporte. One of the people involved in this project called in. I thought I'd check out the show. First episode was good. I'll have to subscribe to your channel on YouTube and watch the rest. Great work guys!

Said this on 2-22-2012 At 09:28 pm
That's the kind of aticrle I like to read, perfectly written and with great content. I would like to start a blog on the same subject but I am not as good a writer as you are!
Rafael Hernández
Said this on 1-19-2012 At 01:59 pm

That is Jessica Tomé, my dream girl!!!! <3

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