9 AM October, 15th 2010 – Danny London has it all - a high-paying, secure job, a beautiful wife, and a comfortable home. By 4:30PM, Danny is unemployed for the first time in his life. "The Unemployment Of Danny London" follows Danny, a PR guy who finds himself without a job due to layoffs, who struggles to adapt to his new life and those around him that just don't understand. It's a lighthearted look at the trials and tribulations of one man's unemployment.

An independent sitcom web series,  “The Unemployment Of Danny London" contains 12 episodes in each new season, with a new episode released twice a month.


  • Photo 1 of 12Off to work?

    Danny (Danny Lippin) and Alile (Sharon Swainson)

  • Photo 2 of 12Confusion with Rika

    Danny (Danny Lippin) and Rika (Teruko Kataoka) have a little talk

  • Photo 3 of 12Gaby in the tub

    Gaby (Jessica Tome) getting comfortable

  • Photo 4 of 12Long drive home

    Danny (Danny Lippin)

  • Photo 5 of 12The Oreck

    Alile (Sharon Swainson) wakes Danny (Danny Lippin) with an Oreck

  • Photo 6 of 12Tripple Trouble

  • Photo 7 of 12More confusion with Rika

    Danny (Danny Lippin) and Rika (Teruko Kataoka)

  • Photo 8 of 12Hiding out

    Danny (Danny Lippin) and Fran (Colette Freedman)

  • Photo 9 of 12Welcome Home!

    Danny (Danny Lippin) and Alile (Sharon Swainson)

  • Photo 10 of 12Toast!

    Alile listens to her dad's long speech.

  • Photo 11 of 12Tea Time

    Todd (Ernest Harden Jr.) having some tea time.

  • Photo 12 of 12Danny VS. Viola

    Danny (Danny Lippin) faces off with Viola (Brigitte Lozier)

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